Winter’s Tide

Winter’s Tide is the fourth book in the Sisters in All Seasons series.

Publisher: Zondervan

Stepsisters, yes. Friends? Maybe…

The coldest season.

Building a family is hard, especially with stepsisters who are complete opposites. During the bleak and dreary days of winter, Diana continues to be bullied at school, Stephanie continues hiding a painful secret, and both their lives are shaken by two tragic accidents. They discover a beached whale on the North Carolina shoreline, then Stephanie's brother is in a near-fatal car crash. The girls try pushing through the rockiness in their relationship and facing their challenges, until Stephanie's lie is finally revealed. Can Diana find forgiveness and faith in her darkest hours?


Praise for Winter’s Tide

“Again Lisa Williams Kline beautifully illustrates another marvelous book. I gave this book five stars because this book always captivated my attention and made me want to keep reading. I really liked how this book read teaches a good lesson of forgiveness. Diana really has developed, changed and turned over a new leaf. I really enjoyed this book and cannot wait for the next book!!”

“This book really shows the bond sisters have! I think this is a great book for teenage girls I highly recommend it!"

“The entire series introduces the blending of two families.Each delightful book made me want to read the following story to see how the girls relationship developed and what catastrophes occurred. Being an animal lover, I enjoyed the different animals causing the conflicts and their influence on bringing the girls together. The stepsisters are complete opposites and they struggle for their parents attention. Lisa does a great job weaving in the trials of learning to be a family, creating wonderful settings, and adding conflict that backfires and causes havoc. Each plot is different, but builds on the theme of the story. Family!”

“These books are so awesome! All 5 are great!!”