Charlotte Readers Podcast

In today’s episode, we meet young adult author, Lisa Williams Kline. Lisa will be reading essays, short stories and excerpts from her latest novel, One Week of You.

What’s the trick to writing about teen lives? Keep your brain in high school mode. In One Week of You, Lisa does just that with her humorous take on young love. Or is it just a crush? There is more than one mystery that needs to be solved in this book.

We start the show with Lisa reading Happy Points, a story about the confluence of depression and happiness.

Lisa also reads several sections of her book, One Week of You, and two other essays, one about your parents entitled In Sickness and in Health and one about the travails of dressing her husband, entitled Wardrobe Malfunctions.

Lisa was such a daydreamer as a kid that she once stopped to pet a dog while running from third base to home. Fortunately, she ended up as a writer, where daydreaming pays off. She is the author of nine novels for young people, including her latest novel published by Blue Crow Publishing, One Week of You.

Lisa also had a number of essays and short stories published, including a collection of short stories for adults entitled Take Me (Main Street Rag) and won a Press 53Short Story Contest. She teaches writing workshops about young people to both adults and teens.

A graduate of Duke University, she has a Masters in Radio, Television and Film from UNC-Chapel Hill, and an MFA from Queens University. She served as president of the Charlotte Writers’ Club and on the board of the North Carolina Writers’ Network. She livesin Davidson, North Carolina with her veterinarian husband, Jeff, and numerous spoiled pets.