Season of Change

Season of Change is the fifth book in the Sisters in All Seasons series.

Publisher: Zondervan

In Season of Change, Diana and Stephanie stay with their grandparents for a long weekend and Diana, while practicing her driving, accidentally hits a deer. The deer runs away, and Diana is devastated, wondering whether she might have injured or killed it. Stephanie leaves with her mother and at last the girls have what they think they wanted – separation from each other.

But do they?

The final book of the Sisters in All Seasons series brings the story of Stephanie and Diana to a close.


Praise for Season of Change

“This series has been my daughter's favorite! She has read it over and over again! As a mom, I appreciate how the author handles real-life step-family issues with a wholesome, positive touch without being saccharine. The well-drawn characters and adventurous plots keep my daughter turning the pages. She wishes this series would go on and on!”

“Birthday gift for granddaughter!! She loved it!!!!!!!!"

“My daughter loves these books! All 5 are so amazing!!”

“Highly recommend this book! Very good! Drama and animals and boys! Teenage girls will love it and I can't wait for the next!”